Established in 1918, American Tool Company’s current management has been providing quality machining since 1985. We manufacture difficult parts on a daily basis and can meet or exceed all your needs and expectations.

Whether a single part, a small run, or a long term supply we take on difficult jobs with confidence. Our personnel will evaluate the best possible techniques to manufacture to your specifications and requirements, ensuring cost savings along with improved quality levels and delivery. Our experienced, highly skilled and long term staff, along with our 13,000 sq. ft. facility are here to serve your precision machining needs.

We are committed to developing a strategic alliance with both our customers and our suppliers, and encourage open communication to ensure our methods suit each individual’s needs.

We have manual and CNC machinery which is detailed on our Services page. In terms of annual dollars spent on manufacturing, machining is the most important step and we strive to ensure this is done accurately and most importantly cost effectively completed.


History of American Tool Company

1918…… So much has changed since then, from manufacturing equipment technology to computer aided design and communication tools, and much more. One element that has not changed is our dedication to flawless execution of quality controlled manufactured parts and on time delivery. You can count on American Tool Company for quality, reliability and a long-standing commitment to fast service and on-target delivery.

One of ATC’s early work ledgers, c. 1930

As the saying goes: “The only thing constant is Change.”

American Tool Company is the sister company of Farber Industrial Fabrications. Please visit their site to find out more about the welding and fabricating services.

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